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The Psychopathology of Everyday Life « Instinct Records  

The Psychopathology of Everyday Life

Instinct Records


One of the most daring and funny alternative rock ensembles returns!

The madmen who brought us such classics as “Sensitive Artist”, “Wuss”, “Jesus Was Way Cool” and “Detachable Penis” return. The Psychopathology Of Everyday Life finds a paired-down King Missile III (John S. Hall, Sasha Forte and Bradford Reed) mixing up jams from outer space with unique lyrics and spoken word pieces…a template the band has spent the last two decades building their legend on. Check out “Jennifer Love Hewitt”, “The Miracle Of Childbirth”, “Hamsters”, and “Eating People” as well as the incredibly funny “Pain Series” for proof!

From the mind of twisted genius John S. Hall comes THE PSYCHOPATHOLOGY OF EVERYDAY LIFE, the new album by the infamous New York City germinal* spoken word band, King Missile III (pronounced “King Missile the Third”). Overflowing with wit, questionable social commentary, and more swearing than Samuel L. Jackson with Tourettes Syndrome, this album is exactly what you’ve come to expect from the band that brought you the MTV/Beavis & Butthead favorite Detachable Penis.

With tongue planted firmly against (ass) cheek, THE PSYCHOPATHOLOGY OF EVERYDAY LIFE bravely addresses a myriad of issues from our everyday life in a unique musical fashion. From cannibalism (“I think it’s alright to eat other people as long as they’ve been properly canned.”, Eating People ) to Jennifer Love Hewitt’s handling of the Sept. 11th tragedy (“So many people have rushed to get on television to say stupid, fucked up crazy shit, but not JLH. I haven’t seen her on television at all since this crisis began…such restraint.”, JLH) to our Commander and Chief, George W. Bush on the damning cut “The President”, no stone has been left unturned and no one is untouchable, not even The Lord (see the final track, an update of the former CMJ #1 song Jesus Was Way Cool).

The album also broaches the painful subject of…erm, pain actually. Various forms of gut-wrenching, curse-inducing pain are addressed by way of the hilarious 5 part Pain Series. We’re not talking about broken-heart, dead-dog, or any of that emotional stuff. With titles like Paper Cut, and Hammer Thumb, we’re talking grievous bodily harm.


Track Listing

Tracks from The Psychopathology of Everyday Life are below. If a track is available for purchase, you may add it to your cart by clicking on the Add to Cart icon. Use the drop-down menu to select either MP3 or Lossless file format.

Track Title Select Format:
My Father (MP3)
Damned If I Know (MP3)
Pain Series (2): Hammer Thumb (MP3)
The President (MP3)
The Miracle of Childbirth (MP3)
Chickens (MP3)
Domestic Life (MP3)
Pain Series (3): Paper Cut (MP3)
Ennui (MP3)
Eating People (MP3)
Pain Series (4): Cold Pool (MP3)
Hamsters (MP3)
Give Me a Dollar (MP3)
Pain Series (5): Stomach Cramps (MP3)
Jim (MP3)
Jesus Was Way Cool (Millenium Edition) (MP3)
My Father (Digital Lossless)
Pain Series (1): Hot Coffee (Digital Lossless)
Damned If I Know (Digital Lossless)
JLH (Digital Lossless)
Pain Series (2): Hammer Thumb (Digital Lossless)
The President (Digital Lossless)
The Miracle of Childbirth (Digital Lossless)
Chickens (Digital Lossless)
Pain Series (3): Paper Cut (Digital Lossless)
Domestic Life (Digital Lossless)
Ennui (Digital Lossless)
Eating People (Digital Lossless)
Pain Series (4): Cold Pool (Digital Lossless)
Hamsters (Digital Lossless)
Give Me a Dollar (Digital Lossless)
Pain Series (5): Stomach Cramps (Digital Lossless)
Jim (Digital Lossless)
Jesus Was Way Cool (Millenium Edition) (Digital Lossless)

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