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This Is Smooth Jazz - The Box Set « Instinct Records  

This Is Smooth Jazz - The Box Set

Instinct Records


Instinct Records proudly presents the first-ever Smooth Jazz collection, featuring the best of contemporary jazz in a three CD box set never before compiled until now. With over 30 tracks of today’s best smooth jazz, including 16 never before released tracks from an array of international artists, This is Smooth Jazz … The Box Set is the most comprehensive collection to date.

Each disc is sequenced to fit the mood of a single day. Disc 1. entitled “Morning Drive-Time Grooves” harbors the early morning feel for the commute to work. Whether you hear it in your car or through your headphones, Disc 1. brings you a wake-up call to live by. Disc 2. entitled “Soul Full of Jazz” captures the soul in smooth jazz. Artists like Count Basic and James Taylor Quartet represent the full-embodiment that makes smooth jazz so approachable. Disc 3. entitled “Nighttime is the Right Time” is the perfect soundtrack for a romantic evening with a loved one. Providing why smooth jazz is called “smooth” – Disc 3. brings you an undisturbed ride into the wee morning hours.

This is Smooth Jazz … The Box Set is an international flavored collection of sounds and soul. With artists from France, Germany, Japan, and the UK (just to name a few), this box set is not just the ultimate collection in the United States but in the entire world. Just think of This is Smooth Jazz … The Box Set as a “who’s who” guide of today’s most prominent smooth jazz artists. Artists like Count Basic, Gota, Shakatak, Brian Tarquin, and Chris Standring, This is Smooth Jazz … The Box Set makes an A-List roster to enjoy time and time again.

Spanning over 17 charting songs (including 4 number one hits), This is Smooth Jazz … The Box Set brings you a joyous journey into the world of soul, grooves, and sensational sounds. Make this a perfect gift for anyone who enjoys good music.


Track Listing

Tracks from This Is Smooth Jazz - The Box Set are below. If a track is available for purchase, you may add it to your cart by clicking on the Add to Cart icon. Use the drop-down menu to select either MP3 or Lossless file format.

Track Title Select Format:
Uptown Groovin (MP3)
Super-Real Feel Feat. Chris Standring (MP3)
Unforgettable Feeling (MP3)
N’iceland (MP3)
Coast to Coast (MP3)
Coconut Kiss (MP3)
Catch 22 (MP3)
So Low (MP3)
Summer Strut (MP3)
‘Nuff Said (MP3)
Coastal Route (MP3)
Crazy Horse (MP3)
Believe (MP3)
But You Don’t Hear Me Though (MP3)
Everlasting (MP3)
Summer Rain (MP3)
My Baby (MP3)
Magic (MP3)
Joy and Pain (MP3)
Do It Right (MP3)
First Class Love (MP3)
Heart Strings (MP3)
Think Twice (MP3)
So Cool (MP3)
Mellow (MP3)
Fly (MP3)
Breathing Space (MP3)
Nightlife (Digital Lossless)
Animal (MP3)
The Gift (MP3)
For the Love of You (MP3)
Two Doors Down (MP3)
From My Heart to Yours (MP3)
Red (MP3)
(And) It All Goes ‘Round and ‘Round (MP3)
Das Land (MP3)
Uptown Groovin (Digital Lossless)
Super-Real Feel Feat. Chris Standring (Digital Lossless)
Unforgettable Feeling (Digital Lossless)
N’iceland (Digital Lossless)
Coast to Coast (Digital Lossless)
Coconut Kiss (Digital Lossless)
Catch 22 (Digital Lossless)
So Low (Digital Lossless)
Summer Strut (Digital Lossless)
‘Nuff Said (Digital Lossless)
Coastal Route (Digital Lossless)
Crazy Horse (Digital Lossless)
Believe (Digital Lossless)
But You Don’t Hear Me Though (Digital Lossless)
Everlasting (Digital Lossless)
Summer Rain (Digital Lossless)
My Baby (Digital Lossless)
Magic (Digital Lossless)
Joy and Pain (Digital Lossless)
Do It Right (Digital Lossless)
First Class Love (Digital Lossless)
Heart Strings (Digital Lossless)
Think Twice (Digital Lossless)
So Cool (Digital Lossless)
Mellow (Digital Lossless)
Fly (Digital Lossless)
Breathing Space (Digital Lossless)
Nightlife (Digital Lossless)
Animal (Digital Lossless)
The Gift (Digital Lossless)
For the Love of You (Digital Lossless)
Two Doors Down (Digital Lossless)
From My Heart to Yours (Digital Lossless)
Red (Digital Lossless)
(And) It All Goes ‘Round and ‘Round (Digital Lossless)
Das Land (Digital Lossless)

Digital Downloads:
Full-length albums and individual tracks are made available as digital downloads for your convenience. MP3 format is a high-quality digital audio format that sounds excellent. The lossless (AIFF or M4A) format is as close as you can get to CD quality. Lossless files have a significantly larger filesize than MP3s. Therefore, it is recommended that you download these items only when connected to the internet via a high-speed broadband connection.

Please note, that if an item is listed as "Pre-Order", you will not receive the digital copy of the album until the official day of release.

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